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The best AI chatbots for education

These technologies offer a range of benefits, including personalised learning, better assessment, improved engagement, increased accessibility, and enhanced teacher support. As the world becomes increasingly digital, we’ll likely see even more innovation in this field, helping to ensure that education remains accessible, engaging and effective for all learners. Conversational AI is a technology that enables […]

Can bots help retailers raise their customer service game online?

Bots: are they the future of the internet? Chatbots can help your business acquire customers more easily than live human agents. It’s important to understand that while chatbots are helpful in many ways, customers still vary in all shapes and sizes. However, applying chatbots to help businesses grow is only a recent phenomenon. That said, […]

D-ID AI Video Generator: Creating AI Videos from Photos & Avatars

steven2358 awesome-generative-ai: A curated list of modern Generative Artificial Intelligence projects and services Typically, these models are trained on billions of images, which it analyzes for characteristics. These insights are then used by the model to create new images. OpenAI, the AI research company behind ChatGPT, launched DALL-E 2 last November, and it quickly became […]

Is Chat GPT the worlds first truly useful chatbot?

Google vs Chat GPT: Leveraging automation This cutting-edge tool has the potential to significantly impact the digital marketing landscape, providing businesses with new strategies to boost customer engagement and improve their marketing efforts. The introduction of ChatGPT has paved the way for more personalised and efficient marketing campaigns, transforming the industry with its powerful capabilities. […]

Article: Three level weight for latent semantic analysis: an efficient approach to find enhanced semantic themes Journal: International Journal of Knowledge and Learning IJKL 2023 Vol 16 No.1 pp.56 72 Abstract: Latent semantic analysis is a prominent semantic themes detection and topic modelling technique. In this paper, we have designed a three-level weight for latent semantic analysis for creating an optimised semantic space for large collection of documents. Using this novel approach, an efficient latent semantic space is created, in which terms in documents comes closer to each other, which appear far away in actual document collection. In this approach, authors used two dataset: first is a synthetic dataset consists of small stories collected by the authors; second is benchmark BBC-news dataset used in text mining applications. These proposed three level weight models assign weight at term level, document level, and at a corpus level. These weight models are known as: 1 NPC; 2 NTC; 3 APC; 4 ATC. These weight models are tested on both the dataset, compared with state of the art term frequency and it has shown significant improved performances in term set correlation, document set correlation and has also shown highest correlation in semantic similarity of terms in semantic space generated through these three level weights. Our approach also shows automatic context clustering generated in dataset through three level weights. Inderscience Publishers linking academia, business and industry through research

How could Semantic Analysis technologies on Facebook be a key marketing tool in tablet sector companies? em262’s blog AB – Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the sub-field of Artificial Intelligence that represents and analyses human language automatically. NLP has been employed in many applications, such as information retrieval, information processing and automated answer ranking. Among […]

2206 03945 Challenges in Applying Explainability Methods to Improve the Fairness of NLP Models

Similarly, ‘There’ and ‘Their’ sound the same yet have different spellings and meanings to them. Experts are adding insights into this AI-powered collaborative article, and you could too. Present the topic in a bit more detail with this Natural Language Processing IT Challenges Of Natural Language Processing. Use it as a tool for discussion and […]